In ye olden town of Long-Time-Ago-Ville, it is errand day for Mrs. Bennett. Basket in hand, she sets out to take care of the day’s business. First, she visits the baker for bread that is only ever-so nibbled by what might be a small rat or small child. Next, it’s a stop at the haberdashery. Problem is, her eyes begin stinging from the pungent odor of Mr. Bitey (the goat who has taken residence at the back of the shop) before she can even pick out the ribbons for her hat. And then next it’s the butcher who insists, cleaver-waving-wildly-in-hand, that the lamb is fresh, take it or leave it. By the time she enters the cobbler’s shop to take receipt of her husband’s boots, Mrs. Smith is too exhausted to deal with the shifty-eyed proprietor’s insistence that they agreed upon four pence (not two!) and begrudgingly hands him over the full amount.

Thankfully, we don’t live in Long-Time-Ago-Ville so you don’t need to shop around like poor Mrs. Bennett, only to be let-down by amateurish service and less than stellar products. SquarePrint does it all—design, embroidery, screen printing, and logistics—all under one roof. And better yet, we do it right and we do it exceptionally well every single time because our team takes tremendous pride in their work and are committed to providing the utmost excellence in customer service.

Oh, and we don’t smell like goats (no offense, Mr. Bitey).


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