At the fully acknowledged risk of sounding unabashedly cliché, sometimes it is the little things in life that truly make a difference. Sometimes it’s those small little victories that help get you through the day. Like utterly ignoring any speed limits to ultimately get around that jerk who so rudely cut you off so you can have that moment of triumph at the stoplight when you look in your rearview mirror and see the offender rightfully put in his place behind you, and you can bask in all of your triumphant gloriousness knowing that he knows that you won and he lost. Other times it’s those unexpected little surprises. Finding a forgotten $5 (and yes, $5 is enough money to give me a little thrill) in your coat pocket. Getting an extra drink free at Starbuck’s because they put whipped cream on it when you asked for no whip. Scoring that J. Crew collection dress that you stalked for a month online which ultimately sold out, but miraculously popped back in the sale section of the website in your size.  And sometimes it’s those extra touches that make a world of difference. Like buying the ultra-puffed Charmin bath tissue instead of the White Cloud single-ply. Or getting custom-designed invitations for your baby shower instead of the off-the-shelf boringness variety.

When it comes to life’s important celebrations, the little things do matter. Before your guests even arrive to your wedding, or your daughter’s birthday party, or your son’s graduation BBQ, the invitation they receive gives them a little glimpse of the fabulous soiree that is awaiting their RSVP. Invitations should be as unique and special as the event that they herald. If you are looking to the shelves at Wal-Mart, or say, a drop-click website, for your invites you are guaranteed a generic product that is sure to underwhelm. Custom-designed invitations from SquarePrint are one of those little things that should be part and parcel of your big event. Our invitations are mini-masterpieces that set the perfect tone for whatever the celebration. Whether that means nailing the exact shades of sunset coral and Caribbean turquoise of your wedding colors or capturing the quirkiness of your Mad-Hatter themed birthday bash. From over-the-top to understated, modern or classic, formal or casual, sparkly or demure, and everywhere in-between. Trust SquarePrint to create invitations that prove it’s the little things that matter.

Give us a call or come visit us at SquarePrint because we can’t wait to start working on your invitations!

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